You know social media is good for business. You know the importance of having profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and maybe even Google+. In talks of using social media platforms to boost sales, however, Instagram doesn’t always enter the discussion. That’s a shame because it’s a strong contender with so much potential to increase your brand reach and bring in new business – and it is not difficult, either! Primarily, it only takes three steps:

1. Connect everywhere
In addition to connecting your Instagram account with your Facebook account, you should share your Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media profiles. Not only that but connect with your followers and other brands, as well. Follow both regular Instagrammers and traditional accounts, like photos and videos, and “regram” funny or interesting pictures that are relevant to your own brand.

2. Follow the latest trends

Always pay attention to both the latest hashtags and the most popular ones. Use them whenever it’s relevant. That bears repeating because relevancy is necessary for all aspects of professional social media use. Instagram’s always coming up with new features, too, so keep up with those – especially with they’re a big hit with other Instagram users. For instance, are you making use of Video on Instagram? It’s comparable to Vine and even a bit reminiscent of Snapchat – which you should also be using.

3. The visuals are everything
Dark, blurry photos are the worst. No one likes them, they’re lazy, and they do a disservice to your business. For example, picture a popular thrift store in a New England tourist town sharing indistinct hastily snapped photos of beautiful merchandise. Isn’t that sad? Feel free to share fun, colorful – and relevant – images, but focus on photos depicting your business or showcasing your products or services.

Are you harnessing all of Instagram’s potential power?