When you are trying to get a to-do list finished up, especially if you are unmotivated and you are procrastinating, it can be hard. To-do lists are designed to make us feel better when we cross something off and also designed to help keep us organized. We create them, we make up the tasks, so … why can’t we seem to get them finished ever? Well, below, I’ve got the best tips and tricks on how to complete your to-do list and what you can do to get it done promptly really.

1. Do the need-to-do first

Firstly, you should be listing the need-to-dos first. That means that anything after the first three or four items on your to-do list could be completed at a later date, but the first few items are items that need to be done. Knowing that the top three or four items need to be completed can help make you feel better and not so overwhelmed when your to-do list has twenty things listed on it.

2. Keep it simple

That brings me to my next point, keep it simple. If you have twenty items on your to-do list, is that something that you are going to accomplish? Most likely not, that’s why you need to keep it simple. Do a max number of items, keep the items things that are harder first, then easier as the list goes down.

3. Break it down

Finally, break it all down. It will save you a lot of time and a lot of headaches if you just give out your to-do list and if you make it something adaptable and that will work for you.

Now that you have some priorities and know how to break down your list really, what’s stopping you?