While you might constantly be thinking, why should you publish on Linkedin? Should you just start your own blog? Should you just post on other social media websites? I’m here to tell you exactly why posting on Linkedin is important and why you need to start doing it right away and right now. Trust me on this!

1. Provides more value to connections
The first thing that you need to understand is that the more that you post, it will provide more value to your connections. Your connections are looking for ways to connect with you on a deeper level and if you type up a blog post and publish it on Linkedin? You’ll instantly be able to build a relationship with your connections by adding in and providing all kinds of value first. It’s also ideal for you to use graphics and images to really make your article pop.

2. You connections will be notified
As soon as you publish something on Linkedin, all of your connections will be alerted, which is actually pretty neat. Your posts on other blogs can get lost in all of the noise, but your post will instantly alert them as soon as you hit publish. How cool is that?

3. You’ll be open to a larger audience
Finally, every single time that you interact with your post, any likes or comments or even shares, it will make you more visible to their first degree connections, which is exactly what you want.

Now that you have a better idea as to why publishing on Linkedin is so important, what’s your next post going to be on?