Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder and CEO, remains a well-known figure on the social media platform. He posts frequently about different activities, like his work with the charitable Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative and his progressing work with the Facebook company. Recently, Zuckerberg’s post drew surprising levels of attention and it has to do with the company’s potential part in the popular trend: cryptocurrencies.

Previously, he clarified through a Facebook post that he aims to discover some new information every year, and a post for the new year explained that his challenge for 2018 would center around investigating how technology can “give peopl the power,” as per Futurism. Some are interpreting his post as a recommendation that Facebook may include a cryptocurrency service.

Zuckerberg explained his view that the potential for technology to help enable people that have been subverted by various big technology companies and governments too.

He explained that the utilization of technology as a monitoring framework is opposed to this empowering procedure. One approach to proceed with the push toward decentralization, however, is blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

“I’m interested to go further and study the positive and negative aspects of these technologies, and how best to utilize them in our services,” Zuckerberg said, as per Futurism.

If Facebook entered the cryptocurrency space, it could be a noteworthy power in the widespread mass appropriation of the business around the globe. Given that Facebook has about 2 billion active monthly users, the reach of a Facebook cryptocurrency would be a game-changer.