How You Can Build Business Relationships Easily …

Your business relationships and contacts are invaluable. Having reliable, reputable relationships in the business world is extraordinarily beneficial in numerous ways, such as widening your client base and exposing you to a larger audience. But how can you build relationships with your peers?

1. Always Be Authentic

No one likes a phony. You can act fake at networking events and business activities, sure, and some people will be fooled by it – for the time being. However, you’re likely uncomfortable and eventually, your true self will show through anyway. Bearing that in mind, please believe that being your true, authentic self will build stronger, better, more honest business relationships. Not only do you need to be yourself, but accept other people just as they are, as well.

2. Focus on Your Commonalities

What do you have in common with the people you’re meeting? Don’t worry; you don’t need to limit yourself to business contacts who have the same hobbies, likes, and dislikes. Instead, focus on what you have in common professionally. For example, look for shared values and goals. Talk about similar managerial techniques or social media tips. Your love of archery doesn’t matter, but your respect for kindness or honesty certainly does.

3. Prove Your Loyalty

Have your business contacts’ backs, and they will have yours. Show the people with whom you have relationships that you always have their back. This ride-or-die mentality is essential in friendships, personal relationships, and business relationships. Reciprocity goes a long way, whether it’s about loyalty, sharing advertisements, or referring customers.

How do you build stable business relationships? What works for you?

Where to Spend Your Marketing Dollars …

Marketing is one of the only ways to get people to find out about your company and your products. If you have a company, you’ve got to have some marketing budget out there; this is particularly the case for the New Year that is coming up. In 2017, where should your marketing dollars go? What should marketing techniques should you invest in? Take a look below!

1. Guest Blogs

Guest blogs nowadays are an excellent way to get your name out there and to appeal to the younger generation. Most websites will do a guest blog for payment, and the amount isn’t usually that large, $50 or $60, and then you’ll have that post on their blog forever, how cool is that?

2. Facebook Ads

Facebook ads is another fantastic way to get the word out there about your website, your blog, your product, whatever you are trying to get the word out there about. They are cheap too, which is pretty amazing. Think about investing; it’s worth it!

3. Contests and Giveaways

Finally, everyone loves a getaway; everyone loves a contest, so why not invest some of your marketing dollars to hosting a competition or a giveaway? It’ll gain you more followers on Facebook, and also it will market your products more!

So, now that you know where to spend your money, what’s stopping you?

How to Use Live Video to Promote Your Business …

For the past few years, technology has changed the way that we communicate. This is right for both our professional and our personal lives. There are more channels than ever to contact our customers now and live video is one way. With the increase of Facebook users and SnapChat users, our customers are begging companies to change their ways and to go with a unique way of marketing.

1. Convenient for Customers

Live video is something that a lot of companies are taking to because it is convenient for the customers. If you want to showcase your product or even what your company is all about, why not hop onto a live video? Tipsy Bartender is a great example of this, they go on live video all of the time to showcase new ways to make drinks. You could do the same with your products!

2. It’ll Boost Your Sales

What does it mean for you when you are showcasing your products live? It means that your sales will increase on up and it means that you’ll be able to sell more of your products.

3. Trendy

Companies that are very on-trend typically do a lot better, and truth be told, doing a live video with any and all products is very trendy. Give it a try! It’s worth just the few minutes you spend on it.

So, now that you can see some of the benefits of using live video, what are some of the other cheaper ways you can market?

Tricks to Actually Get Your To Do List Done …

When you are trying to get a to-do list finished up, especially if you are unmotivated and you are procrastinating, it can be hard. To-do lists are designed to make us feel better when we cross something off and also designed to help keep us organized. We create them, we make up the tasks, so … why can’t we seem to get them finished ever? Well, below, I’ve got the best tips and tricks on how to complete your to-do list and what you can do to get it done promptly really.

1. Do the need-to-do first

Firstly, you should be listing the need-to-dos first. That means that anything after the first three or four items on your to-do list could be completed at a later date, but the first few items are items that need to be done. Knowing that the top three or four items need to be completed can help make you feel better and not so overwhelmed when your to-do list has twenty things listed on it.

2. Keep it simple

That brings me to my next point, keep it simple. If you have twenty items on your to-do list, is that something that you are going to accomplish? Most likely not, that’s why you need to keep it simple. Do a max number of items, keep the items things that are harder first, then easier as the list goes down.

3. Break it down

Finally, break it all down. It will save you a lot of time and a lot of headaches if you just give out your to-do list and if you make it something adaptable and that will work for you.

Now that you have some priorities and know how to break down your list really, what’s stopping you?

Why Publishing on Linkedin is Important …

While you might constantly be thinking, why should you publish on Linkedin? Should you just start your own blog? Should you just post on other social media websites? I’m here to tell you exactly why posting on Linkedin is important and why you need to start doing it right away and right now. Trust me on this!

1. Provides more value to connections
The first thing that you need to understand is that the more that you post, it will provide more value to your connections. Your connections are looking for ways to connect with you on a deeper level and if you type up a blog post and publish it on Linkedin? You’ll instantly be able to build a relationship with your connections by adding in and providing all kinds of value first. It’s also ideal for you to use graphics and images to really make your article pop.

2. You connections will be notified
As soon as you publish something on Linkedin, all of your connections will be alerted, which is actually pretty neat. Your posts on other blogs can get lost in all of the noise, but your post will instantly alert them as soon as you hit publish. How cool is that?

3. You’ll be open to a larger audience
Finally, every single time that you interact with your post, any likes or comments or even shares, it will make you more visible to their first degree connections, which is exactly what you want.

Now that you have a better idea as to why publishing on Linkedin is so important, what’s your next post going to be on?

The Dangers of a Bored Customer …

When it comes to customers in your business or even readers of your website, you’ve got to catch their attention and keep it. There are tons of dangers of a bored customer, of a jaded reader and just, in general, a broken person. Capturing a client’s interest that is bored can be tricky, but it also can be done, if you understand them in the first place. That’s what we’re going to explain to you so you can keep your customers and readers coming back!

1. They switch brands quickly

The thing about a bored customer is that they will go somewhere else pretty quick. If it is a bored reader if your site that you are looking at, you may not have compelling enough content. Truth be told, you want to make sure to appeal to your demographic, make sure that you are providing them with something of real value.

2. They lose passion even quicker about your company

This is pretty huge. If the customer doesn’t have any passion or reason to come back to your website or your business, why would they? Passion is going to be huge in clients, and you’ll want to infuse them with it. Make sure you are turning your marketing to your target customer and find out what makes them passionate.

3. Typically, they aren’t satisfied

Finally, you have to understand that most of the time a bored customer is someone that is not happy with your company or your website. Most of the time, it has been a long time coming but if you catch it early? You’ll do better to win them back.

Now that you understand the bored customer, what are you going to do about it? How will you win them back?

Pinterest & Your Business: Promoting Your Business with the Perfect Pins

Pinterest has long been a secret weapon for businesses of all sorts. All it takes to engage with passionate Pinners are beautiful, interesting, or relevant photos, articles, and videos shared in aptly-named boards. That formula makes it easy to stay in touch with the site’s users, in particular for businesses with a target that lines up with Pinterest’s largest demographics. Thanks to Pinterest’s new Promoted Video feature, however, it’s now possible to promote your business.

This ads service allows Pinterest to keep up with social media competitors such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. There’s a chance that Pinterest may surpass the video features on other social networking sites, however, even though the great trio offered video ads first, Pinterest’s platform is distinctly different. It’s designed to appeal specifically to Pinners. You can create a promotional video for a product or service and advertise it on Pinterest, hopefully reaching a significant portion of the platform’s 100 million monthly visitors. To make sure you reach your target, there are featured Pins shown beneath each Promoted Video.

As a result, Promoted Video is not passive. It doesn’t encourage people to sit there and mindlessly watch a video as they wait for it to end. The design makes Pinterest’s videos interactive – the Pinners get to participate. They see a product in the video, then they see Pins devoted to it, which also means that they can quickly and easily purchase the item they just saw.

Imagine the implications. Mind you, the video player is fully integrated into Pinterest, so the entire process – from watching the video to seeing the featured Pins to buying the product – is seamless. Think you’ll try it?

Without Social Media, Your Business Is Doomed

You hear it all the time and you probably think it’s hyperbole. Sure, you have business pages on a few social media platforms, but you’re sure your business could survive without them. As a result, maybe you don’t bother updating often or with relevant, engaging content. Big mistake, friend. Huge.

It’s easy to convince yourself that your customers don’t care because they never like, comment, share, or retweet anything. It’s easy to think that the problem is with them. It’s easy to come to the conclusion that social media isn’t important for you business or company, anyway – but it is.

Your customers are on social media whether you realize it or not – maybe they simply aren’t engaging with you. Besides, even if you’re positive that your target market doesn’t care about your presence on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, here’s a piece of news that might interest you: your competitors are on social media. If your consumers aren’t engaging with you, maybe they’re engaging with them.

At the end of the day, it comes down to this: it doesn’t matter if you, yourself, dislike social media. If that’s the case, don’t have profiles for yourself, personally. Professionally, however, ignoring the fundamental importance of social media as it pertains to your business almost guarantees that you won’t be as successful as you could be.

Even if you have to hire someone to do it for you, make sure your social media is active. Reach out to the people who follow you. Share news and information about your business. In many cases, this is your one shot to reach certain demographics. Don’t waste it.