Thailand is often explored from two different perspectives, and you can choose to one or both of it. Thailand is known as the land of spectacular beaches and the land of historical ancient monuments and temples. It has an enormous experience that, if you enjoy travelling, you’ll take pleasure in the paradise of Thailand that provides you with an extreme and entirely new culture. Here are the five most incredible places that you just can’t afford to miss out when you visit Thailand:

Probably the most attractive sites in Southeast Asia. Winding around this city, you’ll be astonished by the vibrant environment surrounding you. The fast city life provides you with numerous opportunities to visit the shopping malls exhibiting a multicultural lifestyle in the well-organised counters.

It has one of the most stunning beaches in Thailand as it is apparent whenever you look around the various islands spread in the Andaman Sea. The clean and tranquil beaches, combined with the great water, can blow away all of your problems right away: it produces a good vacation escape. For those who love nightlife, this is the right place to be, and it is in marked distinction to lounging around on the beach front.

Once announced as the most spectacular city in the world, Ayuthaya was a remarkable place, with three palaces, over 400 temples plus a population that reached almost 1,000,000. In 1767, the Burmese conquered Ayuthaya however, and the capital city was changed to Bangkok. The damages of Ayuthaya have become the main attraction for all those going to Thailand.

Chiang Mai
Surrounded by the mountain range of northern Thailand, Chiang Mai is a prospering city usually used as a base among both backpackers and vacationers wanting to explore the rich scenery, hill tribes and outdoor activities of the area. A wander around the historical centre gives the best views of the old metropolis walls and many Buddhist temples.

Railay is a little peninsula that’s only obtainable by boat because of the high limestone cliffs slicing off the mainland access. These cliffs entice rock climbers from around the globe; however, the area is another popular attraction in Thailand because of its beautiful beaches and peaceful, relaxing ambience.

Thailand is a big and remarkable land. The more you venture into the history background and the traditions of Thailand, the greater feel you will get of this great land.