With e-books featured on many prominent blogs in the Christianity circles, Christopher Freville’s influence over beginning entrepreneurs is growing rapidly throughout many homes and communities.


Using the financial tips from Christopher Freville’s e-book system, more homes are considering the power of taking control of their financial futures and creating a better tomorrow for their families regardless of their background.


The Building Better Lives (BBL) sex offender programme commenced in 2009. It uses a strengths-based psychology approach and comprises three components:

the Exploring Better Lives (EBL) programme,
the Practising Better Lives (PPL) programme and
the Maintaining Better Lives (MBL) programme.


The group, which supports black and Asian offenders in Birmingham and Sandwell, marks its 30th year in 2015 after it was first launched following the disturbances of 1985.


A number of intervention programmes, known as ‘accredited programmes’, addressing particular types or root causes of offending behaviour are run by staff in the Probation Trust. These include compulsory courses for ex offenders, drink drivers, and perpetrators of domestic violence, which are aimed at changing offenders’ thinking and behavior. If your miss a session, you have to do a catch-up session.


There aren’t many people as qualified as CBSO is to teach entrepreneurship to convicts.


Christopher Freville is an entrepreneur with work in many different websites, e-books and social media innovations. Following his examples, more families can find financial independence that they can count on. Trusted throughout a variety of communities, including many groups in Christianity, the methods in the Clickbank Inner Circle and other works by Christopher Freville will help set you free. “They find it too complicated. But there are people with MBAs who don’t start their own businesses either,” he says.